A genuine skyscraper

The renowned architect Helmut Jahn masterly combined traditional design and decorative elements at the 257 metre high MesseTurm.

Therefore the MesseTurm is a genuine skyscraper and marked the beginning of a new architectural era with different designs for Frankfurt's skyscrapers. 
The MesseTurm itself is a modern interpretation of American Art Déco high-rise buildings. Its architectural structure resembles an antique column with a prominent base, slender tower and a distinctive peak in the shape of a pyramid at the top. By this MesseTurm is granted with timeless elegance on an international level. The buildings illuminated three storey high pyramid is a beacon for Frankfurt.

The red colored façade is a tribute to the traditional construction material used over centuries in Frankfurt - the sandstone from the river Main. All major buildings - as well as Frankfurt's landmark the MesseTurm - feature this material.